Finger Rehabilitation Trainer Gloves


Finger Rehabilitation Trainer Gloves Help Improve Finger Strength And Mobility!

❤️Adjustable finger resistance levels

✨Soft and breathable material

😊Battery powered vibration

🔥Lightweight and portable

Size Guide: Women are advised to use size M or L for their hands. For men with smaller hands, size L is recommended, while those with larger hands may opt for XL for added comfort.

Left Hand With Mirror Glove
Right Hand With Mirror Glove
Two Hands With Mirror Gloves
Two Hands Without Mirror Gloves

Struggling With Hand Dysfunction Due to Stroke, Hemiplegia or Similar Conditions?

About This Item

  • Combined with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, integrates active
  • Training and passive training, covers all stages of hand rehabilitation
  • Applies to hand dysfunction caused by stroke, hemiplegia, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction
  • Advantages: Soft pneumatic, exoskeleton glove, safety and comfort,
  • Have multiple training modes, include passive flexion & extension, task-oriented trai
    ning, mirror training, assistance training, single finger training
  • Gloves equipment is convenient for the elder

Why Should You Choose Our Hand Therapy Equipment?

  1. Unable to eat or dress yourself, you can use the rehabilitation robot gloves.
  2. Unable to do rehabilitation training alone, our hand exercisers for therapy can help you like a professional audience.
  3. There are no professional Physical Therapy Hand Exercisers at home.

The Latest Hand Rehabilitation Glove For Stroke Patients

The product is suitable for the patients with hand dysfunction such as stroke, hemiplegia after cerebral infarction, peripheral nerve injury of hand, orthopedic surgery, spinal cord injury, hand burn, children cerebral palsy, etc.

It combines with flexible robot technology and neuroscience, it can help patients master fingers flexion and extension, reduce hand muscle tension, relieve edema and stiffness, promote rehabilitation of brain nerve injury through exercise, improve hand activity and accelerate the rehabilitation of hand function.


The healthy side drives the affected hand, simultaneous movement of hands, activating mirror neurons, the motor nerve pathway of the normal healthy hand was copied to the affected hand.


The power glove can drive the affected hand to flexion and extension in setting times and strength, besides the rehab glove can drive the affected hand to grasp small balls, water cups and other objects.


According to the three stages of sports learning, it is a medically proven effective rehabilitation training method to correct various factors influencing sports to achieve or close to normal biology.



Please measure finger before order. Size is very important for Rehabilitation Training

The Color will be sent at random. We may send Blue or Orange at random.

The gloves are adjustable with velcro, fine hook and loop fasteners.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Natalie Murphy
I recommend this

Immediately after receiving it, I used it for my mother. The experience is very good, the gloves are comfortable to wear, the intensity and time of training can be set by yourself, the function is powerful, and there are various intelligent training modes. I am very satisfied with the shopping. I recommend this store.

Nicholas Davidson
Very effective

After receiving the product, my father used it every day. He said that if this product had been available a few years ago, his hand would have recovered

Matias King
Soft material

The function of the machine is normal. The material of this glove is very soft, and it is very comfortable to wear on the hand. I look forward to the later recovery.

Ella Woods
This product works really well

This product works really well, it's powerful, it's a great recovery device, I highly recommend this product.

Sloane K

I bought this for my father. He is recovering well after illness. Because his fingers are a little stiff, I can't wait to buy this product for him to loosen his knuckles. I tried it for 20 minutes immediately after receiving the goods, and it felt good all day long. The fingers can move passively. The strength can be adjusted in 9 levels, which makes the operation convenient, has many functions, and can also be used for single-finger movement. It is a good machine